BioShock 2 cheats for PS3


These are the codes of the different doors that you will find in the game:

Adonis Luxury Resort: 1540
The Clinic: 0047
Siren Maintenance Area: 1919
Dionysus Park: 1080.
Plasmid Theater: 5254.
Watchtower: 2673.
Recreational Therapy: 4146


Upon reaching the different ranks of the multiplayer you will unlock the following things:

Rank 1:
Weapon: Pistol / Shotgun
Plasmid: Electrobolt / Winter blast / Incinerate
Mask: Rabbit / goat.
Melee: Monkey wrench, pipe, candlestick.

Rank 2:
Weapon: Machine Gun.

Rank 3:
Tonic: Expert Investigator, Security Evasion.

Rank 4:
Plasmid: Air Dash.

Rank 5:
Upgrade: Auto pistol.

Rank 6:
Weapon: Grenade Launcher.

Rank 7:
Tonic: Quick recovery.

Rank 8:
Plasmid: Geyser Trap.

Rank 9:
Upgrade: More cadence for the shotgun.

Rank 10:
Weapon: Crossbow.
Mask: Eagle, tragicomedy.
Melee: Machete, kitchen roll.

Rank 11:
Tonic: Stab in the back.

Rank 12:
Plasmid: Telekinesis.

Rank 13:
Upgrade: More cartridge for the machine gun.

Rank 14:
Weapon: Nail Gun.

Rank 15:
Tonic: Metabolic Eve.

Rank 16:
Plasmid: Houdini.

Rank 17:
Upgrade: Remote Control Grenades.

Rank 18:
Weapon: Elephant Gun.

Rank 19:
Tonic: Sabotage.

Rank 20:
Plasmid: Swarm of Insects.
Mask: Moon, feather.
Melee: Mallet, Wire.

Rank 21:
Upgrade: More crossbow damage.

Rank 22:
Tonic: Repair.

Rank 23:
Upgrade: More nail gun ammo.

Rank 24:
Upgrade: Hack faster.

Rank 25:
Upgrade: Watch elephant pistol sniper.

Rank 26:
Tonic: Batter.

Rank 27:
Upgrade: More damage to the gun.

Rank 28:
Tonic: Leg Up.

Rank 29:
Upgrade: Automatic shotgun reload.

Rank 30:
Tonic: Quick Feet.
Mask: Feather, Sun King.
Melee: Bar, flashlight.

Rank 31:
Upgrade: Less recoil from the machine gun.

Rank 32:
Tonic: Deadly Machine.

Rank 33:
Upgrade: More grenade launcher speed.

Rank 34:
Tonic: Headhunter.

Rank 35:
Upgrade: More crossbow cadence.

Rank 36:
Tonic: Big Game Hunter.

Rank 37:
Upgrade: More nail gun damage.

Rank 38:
Tonic: Death Trap.

Rank 39:
Upgrade: More damage on the elephant gun.

Rank 40:
Tonic: Resurrection.
Mask: Octopus, demon.
Melee: Ax.


Trophies Requirements
“Mr. Bubbles– No!” (Bronze) Eliminate your first Big Daddy in a non-private match.
9-Irony (Bronze) Pay your respects to the founder of Rapture.
Adopted to Little Sister (Bronze) Adopt a new Little Sister for the first time.
Against All Odds (Bronze) Finish the game on the highest difficulty level.
All Plasmids (Bronze) Find or buy 11 basic types of plasmid.
All Weapon Upgrades (Bronze) Find all 14 Power for the People weapon upgrades.
Big Brass Balls (Silver) Finish the game without using a single Vita-camera.
Big Spender (Bronze) Spend $ 2,000 on vending machines.
Bought a Slot (Bronze) Buy a box of plasmid or tonic.
Choose the Impossible (Gold) Get Rank 40.
Confronted Grace (Bronze) Take on Lieutenant Lamb in Pauper’s Drop.
Counterattack (Bronze) Kill an enemy with your own projectile.
Daddy’s Home (Bronze) Find your way back through the ruins of Rapture.
Dealt with Every Little Sister (Silver) Harvest or save all Little Sisters in the game.
Defeated the Preacher (Bronze) Beat the Preacher.
Disgusting Frankenstein (Bronze) Become a Big Daddy for the first time in a non-private game.
Distance Hacker (Bronze) Use the hack tool to hack a machine into the distance.
Escape (Gold) Escape from Rapture.
First Research (Bronze) Search for a Splicer with the search machine.
Found Lamb’s Hideout (Bronze) Access Lamb’s Fort.
Fully Upgraded to Plasmid (Bronze) Get the most out of your plasmids (level 3).
Fully Upgraded to Weapon (Bronze) Install the third and final upgrade for any of your weapons.
Grand Daddy (Silver) Defeat three Big Daddys without dying in the attempt.
Heading to the Surface (Bronze) Rise to the surface in Sinclair’s escape scuba.
Little Moth (Bronze) Reach level 20.
Look at You, Hacker (Bronze) Kill 50 enemies using only hacked security.
Man About Town (Bronze) Play at least one non-private game on each multiplayer map.
Master Gatherer (Silver) Get 600 ADAM with Little Sisters.
Master Hacker (Bronze) Hack 30 machines into the distance with the hack tool.
Master Protector (Bronze) PS Beat an Encounter without taking damage and without anyone reaching the Little Sister.
Max Plasmid Slots (Bronze) Level up as many Plasmids as possible.
Mother Goose (Bronze) Save your first Little Sister in a non-private match.
Nose for News (Bronze) Discover the secret of Dionysus Park.
One Research Track (Bronze) Maximize the level of a search path.
Parasite (Bronze) Get Rank 10.
Platinum Trophy (Platinum) Get all the trophies in the game.
Prolific Hacker (Bronze) Successfully hack at least one machine of each type.
Protector (Bronze) Defend yourself against Lamb’s assault on the train station.
Proving Grounds (Silver) Win your first non-private game.
Rapture Historian (Silver) Find 100 cars daily.
Research Master (Bronze) Get the highest level of research in 9 subjects.
Reunion (Silver) Get together with your original Little Sister.
Savior (Silver) Save all the Little Sisters and forgive Grace, Stanley and Gil.
Sinclair’s Solution (Bronze) Join Sinclair at tft cheat sheetFun.
Skin Job (Bronze) Reach level 30.
Trap Master (Bronze) Kill 30 enemies using traps.
Two-Bit Heroics (Bronze) Complete your first challenge in a non-private match.
Unbreakable (Bronze) Defend yourself against the Big Sister without dying.
Unnatural Selection (Bronze) Get your first death in a non-private match.
Upgraded to Weapon (Bronze) Level up a weapon at a People Power station.
Welcome to Rapture (Bronze) Complete your first non-private game.